Telepsychiatry Services in Action: Meet the Medical Staff Services Team!

Telepsychiatry Services in Action: Meet the Medical Staff Services Team!

At Iris, we’re proud to provide high-quality support to healthcare organizations nationwide. This support takes many shapes, from our COMs, who help ensure providers are set up for success, to our CAEs, who help organizations deliver on their behavioral health strategy – our multiple layers of support help improve our partner’s and provider’s experience.

That’s why we’re excited to share another essential component of support we provide – our Medical Staff Services (MSS) team! Keep reading to learn how this team helps ensure all licensing and telehealth credentialing is seamless and efficient for providers and partners.

The mission of the MSS team

If you’re a healthcare organization or a behavioral health provider, you understand all the work that goes into licensing and credentialing. There’s a lot to juggle, whether it’s keeping up with unique licensure requirements, filling out paperwork, or renewing licenses. That’s what makes the MSS team so special – they take care of it all.

The MSS team effectively licenses and credentials all Iris providers and gives providers and partners the most efficient, proactive, and trouble-free experience during onboarding and throughout the relationship.

This team helps ensure our partners and their patients have timely access to high-quality, thoroughly vetted providers who can focus on patient care without administrative burden. Through this team’s expertise in the healthcare field and their relationship-building skills, they help meet the needs of both providers and healthcare organizations.

Helping clinicians focus on providing excellent care

The MSS team takes a lot off of a provider’s plate. Once our clinicians provide their personal information, the MSS team takes it from there managing the licensing process, filling out credentialing applications, facilitating insurance enrollments, and more! That way, the provider can focus on doing their job instead of on clerical tasks. Because of this team’s expertise, they comprehensively understand everything that goes into an application and can complete the process efficiently and thoroughly.

Additionally, this team monitors files daily to ensure licensing and credentialing are on track, renew providers’ licenses, and verify everything they’re currently doing, along with work history and licensing.

This team is an invaluable resource to our clinicians and helps them do what they do best – provide the best care possible to patients all over the country.
Additionally, helping providers get licensed and credentialed proactively and efficiently translates to patients getting the care they need more quickly. It also means providers are set up properly and they can get started facilitating care without any issues.

This team helps address unexpected hurdles that come from working with providers from different states, meaning the organization doesn’t have to worry about doing additional leg work on their end.

Key accomplishments

The MSS team helps keep everything running smoothly, and ensures our providers, and partners have what they need.

Here are a few of their key accomplishments:

  • The MSS teams has grown from 3 to 14 MSS team members from 2020 to 2023
  • Provides licensing and credentialing for PMHNPs, physicians, LCSWs, and LMFTs – in the near term, they will begin licensing and credentialing LPCs
  • In the second half of 2022, the MSS team implemented a new credentialing platform, CredStream, to optimize our workflows and tracking

At Iris, we couldn’t be more proud of all the amazing work this team does day in and day out to support our partners, providers, and patients.

Learn more about the support Team Iris provides

If you’d like to learn more about how our MSS team can help support your organization, contact us today!

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At Iris, we’re proud to provide a variety of support that help operations run smoothly and efficiently to hospitals and community health organizations all over the country.

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