Virtual Behavioral Health Services for Health Systems

Expand and optimize your behavioral health care delivery across the continuum

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Drive scalable, quality psychiatric care for your health system in a financially sustainable way

Our quality-focused behavioral health care models seamlessly integrate into your health system to expand access across the continuum and drive scalable quality measure improvements.


Partnering with Iris Telehealth enables your health system to deliver the behavioral health care your patients deserve while setting your care team up for long-term success.

On-Demand Services

With on-demand telepsychiatry services, your health system will have access to a team of board-certified psychiatric specialists who are experts in assessing and managing risk to get each patient treated and dispositioned as quickly as possible.


Your health system will benefit from an Iris team dedicated to your organization 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about having someone to help manage inpatient behavioral health care. That means increased ED and inpatient throughput, lowered LOS, and a timely psychiatric evaluation for patient and provider satisfaction.


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Bridge Care Services

Bridge Care Services delivers a Behavioral Health Integration model that ensures the patients who need care first get care first – while being efficiently directed to an appropriate care plan. Our cross-functional care team of psychiatrists, therapists, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners will fully integrate into your health system.  


This approach is backed by clinical and operational expertise to solve ambulatory care at scale and deliver long-term clinical and financial outcomes for hospitals and health systems.


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Scheduled Services

Partnering with Iris Telehealth for Scheduled Services means you’re connected with high-quality providers who are dedicated to your health system (including your individual hospitals and outpatient clinics) on a consistent schedule each week – ensuring a predictable coverage model for your organization.


Your provider team will facilitate direct patient care and consultation, so you will always have specialists available. Your primary care and specialty clinics will never have to treat mental health conditions on their own.

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Measurable outcomes for your health system

At Iris, we believe in delivering top-quality, patient-first psychiatric care for our partner organizations. Our evidence-based behavioral health programs have demonstrated proven outcomes at health systems like yours across the country.



reduction in referral backlog



improvement in depression symptoms over eight weeks of care



reduction in ED 7-day return rate from baseline



increase in ED throughput for behavioral health patients

Joint Commission accredited for behavioral health

Since 2019, Iris Telehealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission for behavioral health. We are committed to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.