LCSW & LPC Careers in Telepsychiatry

Enjoy your life on and off the clock

Flexible hours, the respect and support you deserve, and the chance to make a real impact on communities

Telepsychiatry Companies
Telepsychiatry Companies

Teletherapy fosters self-care, a low-stress environment, and patient connection

At Iris, we value people over all else, and our providers are no exception. We ensure you have the support you need to succeed in your role and the energy to live a life you love. That means flexible hours, less paperwork, and an organizational match that’s aligned with your values.


Teletherapy enables movement breaks, more time with family and pets, and an engaging way to connect with patients. Come experience the benefits of meaningful remote work!

Why work for us?

We've earned a 96% provider retention rate by putting our clinicians first and designing our benefits to meet their needs. At Iris, provider wellness is at the heart and soul of what we do.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Work-life balance

Get out of traffic and settle into a remote work experience that allows you to get outside for a walking break, decorate your space, and spend more time with family. Achieve the work-life balance you deserve!

Telepsychiatry Companies

Team of advocates

At Iris, we’ve got your back. When you join our team, you get the help you need. From supportive supervisors to a top-notch IT team, there’s nothing we can’t handle together.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Less paperwork

We understand you prefer providing patient care over all the paperwork that comes with it. That’s why we take care of licensing and credentialing, so you can do what you love knowing we’ve got the rest covered.

Telepsychiatry Companies

The Iris Match

Work with the population you love from wherever you live. Our job matching process ensures you’re working with an organization that aligns with your wants, including time zones and flexible schedules.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Great benefits

From health benefits to life insurance and 401k, we make sure you and your family are taken care of. Along with these benefits, you get paid right away, no more waiting for refunds.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Additional perks

Whether it’s equipment, 24/7 tech support, office expense reimbursement, CME credit, and malpractice insurance, we believe in providing our clinicians with all the support and resources they need to thrive.

You should be respected, valued, and applauded for the work you do

The challenge

The mental health field comes with unique frustrations that can make doing what you love challenging. Whether you’re dealing with back-to-back appointments, stressful commutes, or provider burnout – you’re not alone. These challenges define why a supportive working environment is essential for providers. So, how do you find a value-based job that facilitates flexible hours and a low-stress environment?

Telepsychiatry Companies

Our solution

We understand the challenges you face. Because of this, we’ve created a supportive working environment that enables you to practice high-quality teletherapy at home. This virtual solution creates a barrier that lets you step away when you need to, spend more time with family, and ultimately help lower compassion fatigue. We work with incredible healthcare organizations across the country needing dedicated providers like you. Join us in our mission to help expand behavioral health services for people who need them most!

Telepsychiatry Companies

Let the data be your guide

Iris is a medical group that knows from experience what both providers and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care.













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