Scheduled Services

A regularly scheduled, dedicated clinician your patients and care team will love.

scheduled telepsychiatry services

Specialized treatment your patients need and your care team can rely on

The Challenge

In the face of a worsening psychiatrist shortage and increased demand for behavioral health services, ensuring your organization can deliver timely, consistent care for your patients can be a challenge.

trouble scheduling telehealth appointments
problem schedule behavioral health appointments solved with telehealth

Our Solution

Scheduled Services ensures access to high-quality behavioral health providers who are dedicated to your healthcare organization on a consistent schedule, so you always have a specialist available.

Connecting your population with the perfect provider match

Reliable behavioral health care your whole organization can count on

Find the Perfect Match

Our Scheduled Services carefully matches you with a provider who aligns with your organization’s culture, values, and prescribing philosophies. This provider serves as a long-term extension of your care team and will be someone your patients and providers love.

Ensure Care During the Shortage

In the midst of an ongoing national psychiatrist shortage, it can be difficult to find a local provider who can help fill your care gaps. With Scheduled Services, we help ensure you have a regularly scheduled, dedicated provider available to help meet the behavioral health needs of your population.

Expand Specialty Care

Our providers treat patients across all diagnoses, lifespans, and experiences – whether you need a pediatric specialist, a bilingual provider, or a substance use specialist, we make sure you’re individually matched with a clinician who can provide effective care.

Increase Behavioral Health Access

Allow more patients to be seen in your community with a provider who seamlessly integrates into your care team and addresses the specific needs of your population.

The benchmarks of quality care

Increased patient satisfaction

patient satisfaction

average patient satisfaction

Long-term partnerships

partnership with telehealth

partner retention rate

Quality providers for excellent patient care

quality providers

patient encounters and counting

Joint Commission accreditation

Since 2019, Iris Telehealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission for behavioral health. We are committed to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.