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Resources for residents, fellows, and students looking to drive real change in the behavioral health space.

When you work in telehealth, you can help a community you love from wherever you live, on a flexible schedule.

Telepsychiatry Companies
Telepsychiatry Companies

Getting your start in telehealth

Whether you’re a postgraduate for mental health or are completing a training program for a behavioral health license, there’s a lot to consider when exploring all the possibilities of a career in mental health. Maybe you’re looking to work with a population close to your heart or maintain a work-life balance to shield yourself from burnout. Whatever the need, telehealth has a lot of valuable benefits that can help you make the most of your career.


At Iris, we work with behavioral health professionals from all across the country to ensure they have what they need to succeed in their careers. From value-based care and remote work to covering licensing and credentialing services, DEA fees, and occurrence-based malpractice insurance – we walk with providers throughout their careers to help ensure the best possible experience for them and their patients.   


We also provide a wealth of learning opportunities for future candidates. While the list is long, some programs include patient experience training, leadership development workshops, the economics of practicing medicine, and billing and coding workshops.  

Job hunting tips and tricks

Wherever you are in your journey, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you along the way to your dream job!

Telepsychiatry Companies

Let your passion shine through

Lead with what you love and show enthusiasm during your interview! Tell the interviewer where you were, where you are, and where you want to be in your career.  

Telepsychiatry Companies

Update your online profiles

Make sure your CV and online profiles are up to date and error-free. Put that you’re open to work on LinkedIn, and register for PracticeMatch. It can also help to invest in a professional headshot. 

Telepsychiatry Companies

Do interview prep work

Research the company before your interview, prepare to articulate your timeline, and be responsive in your communication.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Pursue networking opportunities

Attend networking events like career fairs, alumni events, conferences, and conventions. You can even network online by joining social media groups.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Create your brand

Your brand is an extension of you and helps you stand out from the pack! Develop your brand by creating a mission statement highlighting your mission, vision, and values.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Nail your interview

Be on time, try not to reschedule, and log in early for virtual interviews. It’s also important to stay engaged, ask follow-up questions, and know your salary requirements before the conversation.

Let the data be your guide

Iris is a medical group that knows from experience what both providers and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care.






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with our service







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