What we’re here to do

Our mission is to help patients, providers, and healthcare organizations achieve their goals through clinically sound and financially sustainable psychiatry programs.

Telepsychiatry Companies
Telepsychiatry Companies

How we were founded

In 2013, Dr. Tarik Shaheen paired his medical degree with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for psychiatry to found Iris Telehealth:

“When I was in medical school at the University of Virginia, I fell in love with psychiatry. The school was doing a lot of work in telemedicine, and I was drawn to it. As I gained first-hand knowledge about the needs of clients, the shortage of psychiatrists, and the potential for telemedicine to fill this gap, I became more interested and more passionate about the field.”

-Tarik Shaheen, M.D., Founder

We envision a better world through healthy minds.

Our values

While our mission and vision keep us aligned to the common goal of expanding psychiatry services to those who need it the most, our company values act as our compass in how we work day-in and day-out to reach that goal.

People over all else

We value our relationships — with employees and organizations — over all else. Acting with integrity and respect, we do the right thing. Our people (both internally and externally) are our competitive advantage, and we prosper or fail based on the strength of our teams.

Suck less every day

Suck Less Every Day (SLED) is a journey towards excellence. While “suck less” may have negative connotations to the uninitiated, it implies that each of us has greatness within if we dedicate ourselves to constant improvement.

Execution is king

Ideas alone produce nothing — it is only through putting in hard work that we accomplish real results. We believe that dependability is key to trust and relationships. We do what we say we will do. It’s just that simple.

Be quick, but don't hurry

We move as fast as possible, but no faster. We want results quickly, but never so quick that quality or care is sacrificed. Striking this balance is no easy task, but it is one of the things our partners and providers love most about working with us.

Love your work, live your work

To love your work is to be passionate, doing our best on every task. There is a small reflection of ourselves in each action we take and because of this, we put our hearts and souls into our work so we can be proud of our results.

Medical leadership team

Our medical leadership team works to set and maintain the clinical quality standards of our Medical Group for all Iris providers and partners.

Tom Milam, M.D., M.Div.

Chief Medical Officer, President of Iris Medical Group

Marie DiDario, DO

Medical Director of Acute Care Services

Tracy Mullare, MD

Medical Director of Outpatient Services

Don C. Napier II, LISW-CP

Team Lead for LCSWs

Leadership team

Our leadership team works day in and day out to ensure our clinics, hospitals and health systems meet their behavioral health goals through compassionate care.

Alli Fair

Senior Vice President of Operations

Dan Ferris

Chief Marketing Officer

Andy Flanagan

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Fyfe

Chief People Officer

Mike Maus

Chief Commercial Officer