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Telepsychiatry in Action: Meet our COMs Team!

Telepsychiatry in Action: Meet our COMs Team!

At Iris, our team of Clinical Operations Managers (COMs) serve as dedicated advocates for our providers, addressing any and all needs they may have while working at their clinic. Whenever providers need extra support, the COMs advocate on their behalf and help ensure they have everything they need to succeed in their roles.

Additionally, COMs help our partner healthcare organizations ensure their relationship with their provider is successful for the long-term by helping facilitate effective communication and collaboration. This approach positions patients to get the highest level of care while also helping support the provider’s well-being.

Find out more about how our COMs give providers and organizations the support they need by navigating through the table of contents below.

Table of contents
How COMs advocate for Iris providers
How COMs improve the provider experience
Cross-departmental collaboration with the COMs team
COMs team spotlight
Where Iris Telehealth fits in
How COMs advocate for Iris providers

The Iris COMs team holds a unique position unlike any other within the organization. The COMs act as the primary point of contact for providers and organizations, whether they need a little extra support or are simply having a difficult day. This team communicates and collaborates across various departments to help solve any challenges that come up for our providers.

Additionally, COMs hold recurring meetings that serve as checkpoints for provider satisfaction. This allocated time creates a space for providers to share anything on their mind with their COM.

The COMs are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where providers can thrive without worrying about logistics or administrative tasks. Between credentialing, scheduling coordination, and technological support, the COMs team undertake many tactical tasks that help contribute to a positive provider experience.

How COMs improve the provider experience

The Iris COMs team wears many hats. They are problem-solvers tackling challenges and advocating for providers whenever necessary.

Here are a few benefits COMs brings to Iris providers:

Personal support: Our COMs team fosters strong relationships with our providers, they are dedicated to offering their support and creating a comfortable environment where providers can openly address any concerns they have, whether it be personal or professional.

Logistical help: The COMs team works to ensure providers are happy with their schedule, from PTO to patient follow-ups. For instance, if a provider expresses a concern about their schedule, they can voice their concerns to their Clinical Operations Manager. Our COMs team would promptly meet with their clinic to address the situation by focusing on optimizing logistics and implementing best practices. As a result, the provider’s schedule can better align with their preferences.

Technical support: The COMs team assists providers who may need extra help with technology by guiding them through a variety of processes to set them up for success. These processes could involve things like getting their equipment set up and getting more comfortable with their EMR system so the provider feels comfortable using the systems enough to provide care. Even if a provider finds technology challenging, the COMs team walks them through each step to make sure they have everything they need, from EMR documentation to taking virtual appointments with patients.

The value COMs bring to healthcare organizations

Our COMs team provides ample benefits to our partner relationships too. They act as a designated mediator for any challenging decisions and provide a helpful buffer between a provider and their clinic. Additionally, they make sure providers have what they need for long-term success and job satisfaction, which in-turn translates to increased provider retention and continuity of care for patients.

The support COMs provide can’t be overstated as they serve as a dedicated resource for all questions organizations might have during and after the onboarding process. Once the Iris provider has joined the team, the COM partners with the organization every step of the way to ensure seamless operations, effective communication, and a positive working relationship that benefits everyone.

Cross-departmental collaboration with the COMs team

Through effective cross-departmental collaboration, Iris’s COMs team does their best to make sure providers have the necessary resources and support to thrive in their roles. By working closely with various departments, they can better meet the unique needs of each provider. This cross-departmental collaboration ensures licensing requirements are met, technology is properly implemented, and providers have all the need to know information around benefits and compensation.

Here are a few examples of this collaboration:

  • Clinical Hiring: To determine the best organizational fit for a provider, the COMs team works closely with clinical hiring to find the perfect placement. They also work together to find a start date that works best for the provider and partner.
  • Medical Staff Services (MSS): The COMs team collaborates with the MSS department to navigate telehealth regulations, clinician licensing across multiple states, and compliance with state-based levels of practice authority for nurse practitioners. By leaving the logistics of credentialing and licensing to the MSS team and COMs, clinicians can focus on providing care.
  • Payroll: The COMs team ensures payroll accuracy by verifying hours. This process overall guarantees that our providers are being compensated fairly and timely.

COMs team spotlight

Here’s a look at just some of the ways our teams have been able to effectively support our Iris Telehealth providers:
“There was real care taken to make a good match between my clinic and me, and my Clinical Operations Manager helped ensure that our connection was smooth and strong. I couldn’t ask for better support!”
– Dale McQueeney, MS, RN, PMHNP-BC

“Ted Bryant, the Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, is amazing. He’s always positive and is always saying, ‘You’re a great doctor!’ It makes a difference to feel like you’re not just a cog in the machine, but you’re a person. I don’t know what it would be like to work for another telehealth company, but I can’t imagine anything better than working for Iris.”
– Dr. Mark Miceli, MD

“One of the things I love about working with Iris is the support. For example, Drew Sadler, the Clinician Operations Manager, has provided amazing support and the IT team is always ready to help.”
– Nicole Bradbury, LCSW

“The staff I have worked with at Iris, for example, like David Mariano and Lauren Katz, have been really supportive in advocating for whatever I need. They check in with me once in a while to make sure that I’m continuing to be supported and that I’m happy with Iris. There are a lot of organizations that don’t always prioritize clinicians. Iris does that, which I really enjoy.”
– Veronica Im, LCSW

Where Iris Telehealth fits in

Iris believes the well-being of our providers holds significance, as it directly impacts their ability to deliver high-quality care to our patients. Our COMs team helps ensure that providers receive the support necessary to assist our partners and patients effectively. If you’d like to learn more about how our COMs can help support you as a provider, contact us today!

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