Bridge Care Services

A Behavioral Health Integration model backed by clinical and operational expertise to solve ambulatory care at scale and deliver long-term clinical and financial outcomes for hospitals and health systems.

Expanding access for those who need it most

The Challenge

Between provider shortages, increased demand for behavioral health treatment, and social determinants of health, helping patients get the right care, integrated care at the right time isn’t always easy.

Our Solution

Bridge Care Services leverages a cross-functional care team of therapists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners to ensure the patients who need care first get care first – while being efficiently directed to an appropriate care plan. This program fully integrates into your health system to deliver a seamless experience for your care team and help achieve measurement-based outcomes for your organization.

How it works

Bridge Care Services ensures patients who need help first, gets seen first. Patients receive the appropriate care plan for their needs and are supported throughout their transition to the next setting in their journey.

Connecting patients to high-quality, behavioral health care

Bridge Care Services provides a transformative process for health systems, their teams, and the patients they serve.

Increased Behavioral Health Access

Regardless of a patients diagnosis, integrating behavioral health care into their care journeys helps drive better care, reduces overall wait times, optimizes referral management, and helps avoid ED over-utilization.

Integrated System Workflow

We provide a best-practice configuration playbook that optimizes your EMR for clinical prioritization, ensures frictionless care delivery, and delivers integrated quality management – driving program efficiencies across your health system.

Build a Financially Sustainable Model

Reduce leakage and perform a billable intake assessment for all patients that optimizes utilization of psychiatry and psychotherapy, ensuring financial sustainability for your health system. 

Outcomes Oriented Programming

Our collaborative Quality Management Program delivers the clinical and operational quality improvement needed to make the program a success. We track quality measures, provide reporting, and drive results to ensure clinical and financial outcomes.

The benchmarks of quality care

Expand and accelerate access to care


reduction in referral backlog
(18,000 – 3,000) within 6 months

Optimize reimbursement


of psychiatry referrals diverted to a lower, more cost-effective level of care

Achieve measurement-based outcomes


improvement in depression symptoms over eight weeks of care

Joint Commission accreditation

Since 2019, Iris Telehealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission for behavioral health. We are committed to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.