The Guide to Building an Effective Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

September 28, 2021

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Having an MAT program isn’t optional for healthcare organizations anymore — it’s essential. Fortunately, building an effective MAT program at your organization does not have to involve a massive overhaul of your organization’s services. There are myriad ways to begin incorporating MAT services by integrating small changes into your existing systems.

To make that process easier, we put together this whitepaper to help guide your organization as you build or expand your MAT program.

In it, we address:

  • The different types of MAT programs (and how to tell which one is right for your organization)
  • Building out an MAT program from the ground up
  • The challenges your organization might face in the process
  • Best practices for setting your organization and your team up for success

We hope this guide will help you understand the steps involved in launching a successful and meaningful MAT program.

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