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6 Qualities to Look for in a Telepsychiatry Provider

6 Qualities to Look for in a Telepsychiatry Provider

If you’re looking to hire a telepsychiatry provider but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. At Iris Telehealth, we’ve learned how to identify the qualities that make (and don’t make) a great telepsychiatry provider.

Whether you’re optimizing your behavioral health program or bringing in someone to help with the growing demand for high-quality mental healthcare, there are key considerations and questions you should be asking.

Before you post the job description

Getting started requires a deep understanding of your existing clinical workflows and how a telepsychiatry provider will integrate into your clinical team. By identifying potential roadblocks, you’ll be better prepared for future issues that, inevitably, will arise.

Key questions to consider before starting the hiring process:


  • Will your telepsychiatry provider be completely remote, or will they occasionally come on-site? Location is a key consideration as it can affect workflows, clinical organization, and recruiting efforts.


  • How will your existing clinic workflows develop to include a telepsychiatry provider?
  • How will the patient’s experience change?
  • How will your current staff’s roles and responsibilities change?


  • How will you ensure open communication between your telepsychiatry team and your existing care team?
  • Will your telepsychiatry provider join regular care team meetings?
  • Will you set up a daily/weekly huddle with your on-site team and your telepsychiatry provider?


  • Will you provide training for everyone to learn telepsychiatry workflow?
  • Who will develop and deliver this training?

Taking the time to consider these questions will help you find the right provider for your organization.

What makes a great telepsychiatry provider?

It’s important to note that not every excellent doctor is a fantastic telepsychiatry provider. We’ve learned it takes a strong and unique skillset to make a superb telepsychiatry provider.

Here are six key components that make up a great telepsychiatry provider:

They believe in patient-centered care. This belief can be said for any provider, right? Regardless of medical specialty or whether they’re on-site or remote, it is imperative. This approach to care is one of the most critical factors to ensure patient satisfaction and high-quality care. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to identify providers who put their patients first – but you don’t have to do it alone. At Iris, we provide a thoughtful job matching process that ensures every organization is matched with a high-quality provider who shares their values.

A team mindset is central to their work. It’s easy for remote employees to feel like they are a “team of one,” so it’s vital to foster a sense of inclusion between remote providers and on-site teams. Providers with a team-focused mindset tend to integrate well into existing clinical care teams and feel like they are genuinely a part of the team, no matter the physical distance. We all know it takes a village to care for our communities, and the better we work together, the better the outcome for our patients.

They’re self-motivated. It’s much easier to be held accountable when you’re surrounded by colleagues than it is when you’re potentially 3,000 miles away from them. Telepsychiatry doctors need to be self-motivated go-getters who can hold themselves accountable in their work. When it comes to having remote employees, there’s a level of trust that needs to be reached. That’s why at Iris we ensure organizations are set up to succeed, matching them with thoroughly vetted providers who become an indispensable part of the team.

They’re tech-savvy or willing to learn how to be tech-savvy. Telepsychiatry providers do best when they have an intermediate level of comfort with technology (and we’re lucky enough to have an IT team available to our providers 24/7). You want the technology to fade into the background during the patient’s experience.

They have a willingness to ask for help. Our providers are incredibly knowledgeable, but they also know when to ask for help. We’ve found that this is an important quality as you scale your team and continue to improve your program. Providers who don’t know how or when to ask for help may find themselves overburdened or stuck with an issue for days, especially since they can’t just walk down the hall for support. Instead, those willing to ask for help will increase productivity, improve quality of care, and foster a sense of camaraderie with on-site teams.

Independence is a part of their success. Your telepsychiatry providers will be interacting with patients all day, but they need to be independent workers. They’ll likely be in a home office, and independence is essential for anyone working from home. Their independence will help them remain motivated, but it is also just a good quality for anyone who will be alone for much of their job.

If you find a provider who encapsulates these characteristics, you and your organization will surely be set up for success.

How we know what works

Iris Telehealth is a telepsychiatry organization made up of only the highest quality behavioral health providers. We partner with health systems and clinics nationwide to bring mental healthcare to the communities that need it most.

We employ more than 200 psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who are truly integrated as part of our team. We have a comprehensive and rigorous vetting process, and our tried and true method has given us the opportunity to work with the best in the business. Our partners and their patients also report a 97% average patient satisfaction rate with our services. With over 1.5 million patient encounters, we’ve found that our patients can seamlessly build relationships with their providers, even in a virtual environment.

If you need help finding the perfect match for your organization, contact us today.

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