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Telepsychiatry Simplified

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Iris Telehealth – Telepsychiatry Services for Health Systems

Telepsychiatry describes a mental health clinician and patient meeting in real-time using secure video conferencing technology to allow for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions. Iris Telehealth is a telepyschiatry provider organization made up of the highest quality psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Our mission is to provide underserved communities with access to the best mental health specialists and prescribers. We are owned and operated by doctors who understand what patients need and have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. Iris values building strong professional relationships with our partners and their staff. We are dedicated to understanding your organization’s needs and operational goals because we recognize that your success is critical to our own.


What Is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry (alternately known as tele-psychiatry or telepsych) is the practice of delivering mental health care remotely. It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a mental health care crisis in America, with the need for services overwhelming local resources and preventing many individuals across the nation from receiving treatment. Telepsychiatry leverages recent advancements in communications technology to make quality psychiatric care available to nearly everyone.

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The process is nearly identical to receiving face-to-face care and most individuals are quite comfortable receiving care via telemedicine. Telepsychiatry can be used to provide care to nearly every individual’s unique presentation. Our psychiatrists value a team-based approach and communicate with patients’ other providers to ensure the best care possible. Our philosophy stresses overall well-being and, while we are fully qualified to prescribe medication, we only do so as part of an overall treatment plan.

From a health care organization’s perspective, providing care to your clients via telepsychiatry is also remarkably similar to providing in-person care. Our clinicians become a part of your medical team, and we can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.


At Iris, we believe that everyone deserves access to mental health services and we are proud to help provide this care where it is needed most!

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We Join Your Team

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From a health care organization’s perspective, providing care to your clients via telepsychiatry is also remarkably similar to providing in-person care. Our clinicians become a part of your medical team, and we can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

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We Work in Your Systems

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Our implementation is simple and built around your needs. We work in your scheduling system, with your EMR, and become members of your treatment team.


You Extend More Care

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We provide your organization with the ability to easily expand your psychiatric services while maintaining a high level of consistency and quality of care.

Services: Right Time. Right Place.

Access to quality telepsychiatry services exactly when and where you need them.

Community Services

Let our psychiatrists join your organization’s mental health team.

Hospital Services

Iris can help your hospital give care where it is needed most.

Specialty Services

We can help improve your client’s mental health in settings such as nursing homes, schools, or correctional facilities.

Good Financial Sense

Sustainable care that is fiscally sound.

Wellness Tips

Let us be a guide on your journey to finding your own personal zen.

Empower Yourself

Harness your inner strength for the power of good!

Doctors Licensed in Every State!

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The Benefits of Telepsychiatry for both Patients
and Health Care Organizations



Why Choose Iris Telehealth?

Telepsychiatry remains an emerging area of practice in much of the country. For hospitals and community health centers — and most importantly, patients — to benefit from it, strong partnerships are needed. Iris Telehealth is proud to be a leading provider of telepsychiatry services across the nation. In everything we do, we are guided by a set of four core values: care, access, excellence, and innovation.
We are a service and relationship-oriented business that offers 24-hour access to quality mental health care. We have experience providing a wide-range of services to health systems in many parts of the country. If your organization requires additional mental health services, Iris Telehealth can work with you to provide an adaptable solution to meet your needs.
Our vision is to be able to guide our clients along their individual path to wellness with the goal of empowering them to love, play, and work to their full potential. We strive to be the national leader in providing behavioral health services via telemedicine.
With our help, offering high quality telepsychiatry services in your clinic or hospital is easy. To see if we are a good fit for your organization or to learn more, contact our office today!

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For us, care involves building meaningful clinical relationships with patients and staff, and giving back to the communities we work in. Patients work with a dedicated professional who knows their history and will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that gives them the tools necessary to move forward from a position of strength.
 In remote and rural areas, getting expert mental health care can involve long drives, time off work, childcare and other expenses. Iris Telehealth is committed to working with community health centers and other organizations to put psychiatric care within a more reasonable distance for all individuals.
Patients deserve the best experience possible, which is why our corporate culture is one that encourages outreach, empowerment and continuous improvement. From administrative staff to clinicians, everyone on the Iris Telehealth team is driven to do more for the people we serve.
The field of telemedicine is constantly evolving. As this happens, Iris Telehealth will continue to drive this innovation so our partners and patients can get the most benefit possible. In everything we do, our team is motivated by a desire to improve and put forward-thinking thought into action.

Testimonials: See what our Patients and Partners have to Say.

We are fully dedicated to all of our clients. That means both patients AND partners are our top priorities. With Iris, there is no need to worry about customer service, because we’re always here to help!

We couldn’t be happier with the services we receive from Iris Telehealth!
Shana Smith, Southside CSB
Our service is great and we were able to set up our telepsychiatry program quickly with help from Iris!
Anne Skriba, Global Healthcare Solutions
My clinician was sensitive and helpful. Always followed up when I needed him to respond to me. Great care.
Patient, Northridge Psychiatric Clinic
We are blessed to work with Dr. Wiseman. He has helped our son and family immensely.
Patient, Virginia Child and Family Clinic
Dr. Nene is such a compassionate and caring doctor. She has helped me through some of my toughest times.
Patient, Region IV Mental Health Clinic