Value-Based Behavioral Health Care at Iris

How to Develop a Financially Sustainable Behavioral Health Program

If you’re looking at options to optimize your health system’s behavioral health services, you might find yourself asking “How does value-based care work for BH?” 


The benefits of a value-based behavioral health care model are tremendous. Not just for the patients, but also for your health system’s care team and administrators. By leveraging value-based care, your health system can support a financially sustainable solution for your behavioral health services while improving patient outcomes.  

Our Services

A value-based behavioral health approach means prioritizing quality care and patient experience across every aspect of your BH care delivery. At Iris Telehealth, we achieved this model through our approach to holistic, integrated behavioral health backed by clinical and operational expertise. You’ll be able to solve ambulatory care at scale and deliver long-term clinical and financial outcomes for your health system. 


What sets Iris apart?  

  • We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional support that your organization, patients, and providers can count on.  
  • Our seamless implementation process, frictionless technology deployments, and on-going quality reviews all add up to long-term support that drives efficient workflows and exceptional patient outcomes. 

Whether your organization requires the help of a psychiatrist, PMHNP, or a fully licensed therapy provider, we will work closely with you to ensure you’re matched with a provider who will help you meet your goals.  

How Scheduled Services Benefits Inpatient Care

Looking to get value-based behavioral health care right?

Partner with a medical group with Joint Commission accreditation for behavioral health

Since 2019, Iris Telehealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission for behavioral health. We are committed to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.