How PMHNPs Can Benefit Your Organization

February 6, 2024

Benefit of PMHNPs for Behavioral Health Organization

The role of PMHNPs in the behavioral health landscape has evolved over the decades. Now, 30 states currently allow nurse practitioners to evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medication to patients. However, organizations across the U.S. still underutilize PMHNPs to address the shortage in behavioral healthcare needs.

In this guide, we break down:

  • How PMHNPs and psychiatrists differ
  • How PMHNP training fits into your organization
  • How PMHNPs can benefit your organization and patient populations
  • Legal considerations across states
  • How to hire a PMHNP

Since psychiatrist availability is limited across the country, PMHNPs can offer high-quality behavioral healthcare to communities who need it most. We hope this guide helps your organization serve more patients in your community.

Download the whitepaper today!

Download The Whitepaper Today!