Iris Telehealth’s Bridge Care Services Program Ensures Behavioral Health Integration Across the Continuum

Iris Telehealth’s Bridge Care Services Program Ensures Behavioral Health Integration Across the Continuum

Virtual behavioral health care leader accelerates and expands a transformational care model that ensures all health system patients receive integrated behavioral health care.

Iris Telehealth, a leading provider of virtual behavioral health services for health systems and community health centers across the U.S., announced today the expansion of its Bridge Care Services program, a Behavioral Health Integration model backed by clinical and operational expertise to solve ambulatory care at scale and deliver long-term clinical and financial outcomes for hospitals and health systems.

Health systems are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for behavioral healthcare within their communities. The Bridge Care Services model enable health systems to meet their patient needs at-scale while achieving measurement-based outcomes and optimizing reimbursement for a financially sustainable program.

“We believe providing integrated behavioral healthcare is a critical component to patient care,” said Andy Flanagan, CEO of Iris Telehealth. “The reality is behavioral health care should be infused into every health system patient journey. Whether a patient just received a cancer diagnosis, is an expecting mother, or is experiencing escalating anxiety at a primary care appointment, integrating behavioral health care will drive better patient care and eliminate the need for a patient to look elsewhere to fill gaps in their care needs.”

Building on Existing Commercial Success

Bridge Care Services has seen notable commercial success due to its ability to close a critical gap in care while delivering improved patient outcomes, physician satisfaction, and patient satisfaction – all in a financially sustainable and scalable way.

Iris is building on their proven model to add further clinical and financial value in three key ways:

  1. Iris is adding clinical prioritization via a risk-stratified patient registry coupled with clinical review before patients experience an LCSW-led navigation assessment to determine their care plan. This navigation process is designed to reduce unnecessary ED utilization and ensure patients who need care the most, receive care first.
  2. Iris has built an EMR-certified toolkit to build a virtual command center, backed by clinical and operational expertise, to ensure sustainable clinical and financial outcomes right within the system’s EMR.
  3. Iris is offering the optionality for short and extended-bridge models, for all patient acuities, depending on a health systems existing behavioral health network. The goal is to ensure that the existing network is fully leveraged, ensuring all patients receive timely access to quality care.

Business Model Innovation

A challenge to scaling behavioral healthcare services in the past has been the inability to make programs profitable. The Bridge Care Services model solves this core challenge by aligning incentives, driving top-of-license care, optimizing reimbursement, and driving down the total cost of care. Iris customers have more than doubled their behavioral health revenue while delivering positive operating margins.

Scaling Proven Results

Bridge Care Services customers show an ability to reduce referral queues by 83% within the first six months, a 38% reduction in depression symptoms, and an ability to redirect 40% of psychiatry referrals to a more cost-effective, clinically appropriate level of care.

This program was built on Iris’s experience delivering behavioral health care in partnership with over 210 healthcare organizations across the country with over 450 dedicated providers. Additionally, Iris has held Joint Commission accreditation for behavioral health since 2019, demonstrating the highest achievement awarded to a behavioral healthcare group and commitment to meeting quality measures in provider selection, patient care, compliance, and regulatory standards.

About Iris Telehealth

Iris Telehealth helps healthcare organizations consistently increase access to quality mental health care for their patients by implementing innovative, evidence-based care models and providing the clinicians, staff support, and knowledge to build a financially sustainable telepsychiatry program. With clinical grounding and emphasis on human relationships, Iris Telehealth identifies best-fit providers for each unique organization and ensures long-term commitment to meeting their partner’s needs, allowing them to provide the highest quality care to their patients and community. For more information, please visit

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