What Is The Best Telemedicine Company For Behavioral Health

What Is The Best Telemedicine Company For Behavioral Health

If you’re a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, you might recently have started looking for work in telemedicine, a growing industry in the world of mental health and medicine.

But how exactly do you decide which telemedicine company is best for you? In this article, we’ll highlight the most important features to look for when searching for a job in behavioral health telemedicine.

Key Features When Choosing Your Telemedicine Company

Telemedicine is a way of providing specific health care services using technology, such as videoconferencing. Telepsychiatry is a type of telemedicine that involves services ranging from psychiatric evaluations, therapy (both individual and group), patient education, and medication management. Essentially, a telepsychiatry session is identical to that of a conventional in-person interview – Doctors work with patients to identify issues, develop a treatment plan, and can prescribe medication when necessary, all through videoconferencing.

The best telemedicine company to work for in mental/behavioral health will:

Provide 24/7 On-Call Services

Your telemedicine company should offer care to an organization’s clients both during scheduled times in the outpatient setting and as needed in a hospital setting, giving you more flexibility to work the hours that are most conducive to your lifestyle. It also enables patients to receive the care they need, when they need it.

Be Psychiatrist-Owned and Operated

The best telemedicine company should have an intimate, expert understanding of clinical practice. This can largely be accomplished when the company is owned and operated by licensed psychiatrists who are familiar with the optimal workflows for patient care and understand how to advocate for your needs as an employee.

Incorporate Work, Life, Balance

Achieving that perfect balance between your work and other aspects of your life should be easy when working for the best telepsychiatry company – You should be able to live life on your terms, rather than have your life be dictated by a rigid schedule.

Utilize HIPAA Compliant Technology

Top-tier telepsychiatrist providers should consult with their organizations to set up HIPAA-compliant technology. Alternatively, they should integrate with any pre-existing technology an organization has in place. And perhaps most importantly, technicians should always be available if you need troubleshooting advice while working with a patient.

Provide Paid Time Off and Benefits

Receiving paid time off and benefits are important at any job – and telepsychiatry is no exception. At Iris Telehealth, we provide five weeks of paid vacation (including holidays). You can also enroll in health benefits, life insurance, and a 401k.

Offers Extra Perks

Because who doesn’t love getting some added perks with their job? The best telemedicine company for behavioral health should provide you with support and resources ranging from equipment, 24/7 tech support, office expense reimbursement, CME credit and malpractice insurance.

Stays Up To Date On Policies

Each state has its own rules, regulations, and restrictions to providing care through telehealth. Your telepsychiatry company should stay up-to-date on all these policies and advise you on compliance with all federal and state rules on telemedicine.

Improve Patient Outcomes

One of the most important features of a telemedicine company for behavioral health is that they improve patient outcomes by optimizing technology for patient experience, provider ease, and reliable administrative workflows.

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