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Manage patient volumes and increase access to effective behavioral health care with telepsychiatry

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Expand access to life-saving behavioral health care with telepsychiatry.

Partnering with Iris Telehealth means your organization will have access to industry experts who will take the burden of building and optimizing an effective behavioral health program off of your health system. The Iris team will work with your organization to identify opportunities to effectively manage psychiatric patient volumes, provide effective psychiatric care in your hospital’s emergency department and beyond, and ensure the long-term care of your patients.


Modernize your approach to behavioral health care, expand your health system’s care team, and improve patient outcomes — all while lowering your cost of care for a sustainable, financially sound future.


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On-Demand Services

With on-demand telepsychiatry services, your health system will have access to a team of psychiatrists who are experts in assessing and managing risk to get each patient treated and dispositioned as quickly as possible.

Your health system will benefit from an Iris team dedicated to your organization 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about having someone to help manage inpatient psychiatric care. That means increased ED and inpatient throughput, lowered LOS, and a timely psychiatric evaluation for patient and provider satisfaction.


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Bridge Care Services

Bridge Care Services provides a clinician-guided, evidence-based navigation assessment that directs patients to the most appropriate next level of care, delivers effective short-term behavioral health care, and facilitates a closed-loop handoff to the optimal longitudinal provider. 

This solution targets ambulatory and post-acute patient populations and accelerates and expands access to behavioral health care, delivers measurement based outcomes for your organization, and optimizes reimbursement for a financially sustainable behavioral health program.


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Scheduled Services

Partnering with Iris Telehealth for scheduled services means you will be provided consistent, high-quality providers who are dedicated to your health system (including your individual hospitals and outpatient clinics) on a consistent schedule each week – ensuring a predictable coverage model for your organization.

Your psychiatric team will provide direct patient care and consultation, so you will always have specialists available. Your primary care and specialty clinics will never have to worry about treating complex mental health conditions on their own.

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Telepsychiatry Companies

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