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Top 5 Common Questions about Being a Remote Behavioral Health Provider

Top 5 Common Questions about Being a Remote Behavioral Health Provider

When starting your virtual behavioral health career, you’ve likely got many questions – from the differences between on-site and virtual environments to learning about using an organization’s EMR remotely to ensuring you work with a population you love. Whatever your question may be, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re an LCSW, psychiatrist, or a PMHNP, we have the answers for everything you need to know about getting your remote career started.

1. What skills do organizations value in a remote provider?

Healthcare organizations want to work with providers who share a passion for patient care. That means it’s essential to let your passion shine through during the interview process. Additionally, if you’re working with an organization that provides job matching services, knowing your preferences around patient population, age, or setting, can help you find the job of your dreams.

And, when a long-term clinical match is made, it creates a great connection between the provider and the clinic. Most importantly, the patient benefits from having that longitudinal care.

At Iris Telehealth, we’ve also found that organizations look for telebehavioral health providers who believe in patient-centered care, have a team mindset, are self-motivated, can ask for help, and hold independence as a key part of their success.

2. How are emergency situations handled in remote environments?

Knowing what to do in an emergent situation is crucial, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Iris, we get to know an organization’s approach to crisis management, understand their workflows, and communicate them to our providers. That way, the provider is never siloed and always has someone to reach out to for support. Additionally, at Iris, there’s no expectation for after-hours calls or crisis management outside your schedule.

In contrast with direct-to-consumer platforms, telehealth providers work within the policies of their location. There’s a brick-and-mortar location where teammates are on the ground to provide help and collaborate. Additionally, at Iris, we provide access to our clinical operations managers. That way, if you can’t remember what to do or who to contact, there’s always someone to help you through.

3. What type of admin work is required of remote providers?

If you prefer providing patient care over all the paperwork that comes with it, you’re not alone. That’s why it’s a good idea to know what type of administrative work you can expect as a virtual behavioral health provider.

Let’s start with patient billing. The great thing about working with a telehealth provider like Iris is that our partner healthcare organization handles all patient billing. That way, you have one less thing on your plate. At Iris, we also help ensure each clinical setting has a telepsychiatry champion who helps remote providers schedule, check in patients, and help complete administrative tasks.

Another thing providers often have questions about is how they can use an organization’s EMR remotely. At Iris, we’re technology neutral and integrate within an organization’s platform. Together, we do training and ensure our providers have the best support possible.

Most importantly, providers shouldn’t be bogged down with administrative tasks or technical snags. That’s why, at Iris, we ensure they have the support they need to focus on doing what they’re passionate about – facilitating high-quality patient care.

4. What does the day-to-day look like for a remote provider?

There are many moving parts that go into a provider’s day and knowing what to expect in a remote career is essential. Additionally, what’s expected from clinic to clinic can vary greatly. Some clinics may have built-in administrative time, but there’s no guarantee on a clinic’s processes and policies. Whether you want this built-in time for admin tasks or not, Iris matches you with the right opportunity that will give you the work experience you’re looking for. When making the right match, we look through your eyes and consider what you want. Whether that’s 30-minutes of protected admin time or none, we make what you want happen.

Providers often wonder what happens if there’s a no-show in a remote environment and how that might affect compensation. The great thing about working with an organization like Iris is that regardless of if a patient shows if it’s scheduled time, you will be paid. Additionally, because we’re a value-based organization, we ensure visits aren’t cut short due to monetary incentives. We provide stable salaries you can build your life around.

Each provider’s day might vary depending on whether they’re an LCSW, psychiatrist, or PMHNP. For example, PMHNPs may need a collaborating physician in certain states. At Iris, we help coordinate these logistics and ensure the provider has a collaborating physician available. Often, this provider also works for Iris at the same site.

5. What type of populations can a provider work with remotely?

The great thing about working for an organization that provides job matching services is that it makes it easier for you to work with a population you love, from wherever you live. You’ve spent a lot of time and dedication figuring out the specific population you love working with. That’s why finding an employer who listens to you, understands the type of work you want to do, and ultimately matches you with the right opportunity is essential. Whether you want to work with patients who speak a certain language or you want to with children or adults, whatever your specialization, at Iris, we ensure you’re set up to work with the population you love.

Where Iris Telehealth fits in

Wherever you are in your career search, Iris is here to extend a helping hand. If you’re looking for more information about a career at Iris, check out this recording of our recent career fair. You can also learn more about the provider experience firsthand by taking a look at our Clinician Corner series featuring some of our incredible clinicians. If you’d like to chat with someone at Iris, contact us today.

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