On-Demand Telepsychiatry for Hospitals

Exceptional 24/7 behavioral health care support for your health system

No extended LOS. No unnecessary bed holds. Just real, good psychiatry.

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Reduce patient length of stay and avoid costly psychiatric bed holds with on-demand telepsychiatry services.

Partnering with Iris means you are guaranteed a team of psychiatrists who are experts in assessing and managing risk to get each patient treated and dispositioned as quickly as possible.  The team will be dedicated to your hospital or health system 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about having someone to help manage psychiatric patients.


With lower operational costs and improved patient outcomes, you will have the time and money left to continue growing your hospital the way you want.


Find out how to add on-demand psychiatry services to your hospital!

Save money and provide better mental healthcare in your hospital

We’ll provide the psychiatrists and telehealth expertise to give you and your attending physicians a solution for managing patients presenting with acute and complex mental health concerns.

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Clinical and business harmony

We know that getting a patient discharged or admitted as quickly as possible is best for the patient AND best for the hospital. Our goal is to help you save money and increase throughput in your hospital so that you can provide more care.

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Expert program development

We have built customized telepsychiatry programs in over 60 hospitals, helping them meet and exceed their patient care and financial goals. We will ensure your program is successful because we understand what makes good clinical and financial sense, and will guide you accordingly.

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STAT consults for patients of all ages

We’ll answer consult calls immediately, and over 95% of consults are seen by an Iris clinician in under an hour.  Your telepsychiatry consult team will be accessible 24/7 and include specialists for patients of any age from pediatrics to geriatrics.

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Efficient dispositioning

Our psychiatrists help your attendings and social workers develop a treatment plan focused on getting the patient dispositioned quickly and effectively. We can start medications immediately and help facilitate transfer to a psychiatric facility if necessary.

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Some estimate psychiatric boarding in the ED costs an average of $2,264 per admission. By expediting disposition, transfer, and treatment, telepsychiatry can help you save on these costs and increase your opportunity to treat patients in need of medical and surgical care.

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Physician-owned and Joint Commission accredited

We are the only telepsychiatry company of this size and scope that is physician-owned and operated. We also hold TJC accreditation which ensures we are providing you with only the highest quality behavioral health services.

Your hospital shouldn’t have to face America’s mental health crisis all on its own

The challenge

As a large health system, your organization is likely encountering:

  • An increase of patients presenting with mental illness and substance abuse issues in the ED, along with suicidal ideation.
  • Psychiatric boarding in the ED averaging from 8-34 hours.
  • Patients using your ER as a safety net because they can’t get an appointment to see a psychiatrist.

Between fading staff morale, tight financial responsibilities, and changing healthcare regulations, you may be asking yourself – what’s the answer?

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Our solution

Enter – Iris’ team of medical providers and care coordinators. Our experts in risk management and comorbid medical and psychiatric conditions can quickly assess, treat, and disposition your patients. Your attending physicians will be relieved to receive collaboration and education, and your ED will be free to allow for more treatment of medical and surgical needs. On top of these improved patient outcomes, you will meet your organization’s financial goals at the same time.

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Let the data be your guide

Iris is 100% owned and operated by doctors who know from experience what both providers and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care.



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Iris Telehealth: One of the top-rated telepsychiatry companies

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How telehealth-friendly is your state?

Keeping track of current state laws and reimbursement policies is a full-time job. Visit our resource page to see how your state measures up.