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Care for the
whole patient
under one roof

No limits to holistic care. No unnecessary pressure on your PCPs. Just real, good psychiatry.

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Set the bar for holistic care by healing both the body AND mind.

Partnering with Iris means you are guaranteed a consistent provider who is dedicated to your clinic on a regular and consistent schedule each week. Your psychiatrist will provide direct patient care as well as consultation, so your PCPs never have to worry about treating complex mental illness on their own.


With happy clients and happy staff, you’ll be a leader among CHCs in changing lives through holistic care!


Find out how to add an Iris provider to your team!

Build a sustainable telepsychiatry program that your peers will want to emulate

We’ll provide the clinicians and telehealth expertise to help you care for the whole patient under one roof, as well as improve patient outcomes AND your bottom line.

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Holistic care and collaboration

We’ll provide the psychiatrists and telehealth expertise to give you and your PCP team a holistic solution for patients struggling with mental illness. You will receive a dedicated Clinical Operations Manager and enjoy peace of mind knowing our team is ready to help your staff 24/7 with everything from paperwork to patient workflows.

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Joint Commission accredited

As the recognized global leader in healthcare accreditation, we are committed to providing our clinics with only the highest quality behavioral health services.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Chronic care and substance abuse management

PCPs do their best to treat chronic mental health and substance abuse issues, but it is time-consuming and stressful to care for complex mental illness. When a specialist is part of the care plan, PCPs have more time to focus on physical health needs, and patient outcomes are improved.

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Simple pricing

You pay a flat hourly rate per scheduled hour of your provider’s time. We manage all the costs associated with recruiting, supporting, supervising, and retaining the best doctors so you can just focus on clinical care. Truly simple!

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Centered on clinical and business harmony

Good clinical sense doesn’t have to come at the expense of good financial sense. In fact, we have found that when we give patients the right care at the right time, the economic benefits closely follow. Our goal is to help you make this possible in your clinic.

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Physician-owned and operated

We are the only telepsychiatry company of this size and scope that is physician-owned and operated. We are not driven by big business; our passion is providing quality patient care. Everything we do is patient-focused and clinically driven.

You shouldn’t have to face your community’s mental health crisis all on your own

The challenge

As a Community Health Center, your organization encounters:

  • Increasing numbers of patients with mental illness and substance abuse issues.
  • Tight budgets to care for the members of your community with limited access to quality healthcare.
  • Burnout of PCP’s doing their best to treat complex mental illness without the help of a specialist.
  • Individuals decompensating and requiring emergency treatment or psychiatric hospitalization.

You recognize the benefits of integrating psychiatry and medicine to provide optimal care to your clients—but why does it have to be so challenging to implement?

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The solution

With an Iris psychiatrist working on a recurring weekly schedule, your clients will receive the specialized treatment they need, and your PCPs will be able to focus more on physical needs. You’ll also enjoy the support of a dedicated Clinical Operations expert, medical staff coordinator, and 24/7 IT team.  The availability of these specialty services will allow your organization to rise to the top as a leader among CHCs in providing holistic care.

Telepsychiatry Companies

Let the data be your guide

Iris is 100% owned and operated by doctors who know from experience what both providers and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care.



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Iris Telehealth: One of the top-rated telepsychiatry companies

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How telehealth-friendly is your state?

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