Delivering Behavioral Health Integration at Scale

The Impact of Bridge Care Services on Effective Behavioral Health Care

February 19, 2024

Meeting patients with timely access to quality care and prompt, proper follow-up after discharge is essential to their care journeys. And, for healthcare organizations, the inability to efficiently meet patient needs with top-of-license providers can be disheartening and costly.

Bridge Care Services can help support health systems by facilitating Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) at scale to expand and optimize reimbursement for a financially sustainable program.

In this piece, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • How health systems are approaching integrated behavioral health care
  • How health systems are currently impacted by these challenges
  • Connecting patients with the right care
  • Five ways effective bridge care positively impacts your patient populations
  • How bridge care works in practice
  • The benefits of Iris Telehealth’s approach to Bridge Care Services

We hope this piece will help your organization consider new ways to fill behavioral health care gaps and effectively expand access to behavioral health services.

At Iris Telehealth, we deliver quality, sustainable behavioral health care so your organization can better support the patients who need it most. Together, we can help you find the best provider match for your community and effectively meet the needs of your population.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services we provide to healthcare organizations around the country, visit our services page or check out our FAQ.

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