The CMHC Guide to Building a Sustainable Telepsychiatry Program

April 1, 2021

Achieving continuity of care for an ever-increasing number of patients is a major challenge many CMHCs face. That challenge is further complicated by a lack of quality providers. COVID-19 ensured CMHCs could utilize telepsychiatry as an option to address these challenges in 2020. But, as we’re adjusting to a new normal where virtual care options are expected and not just “nice to have,” it’s time to make sure you’ve incorporated a formal, sustainable telepsychiatry program into your organization.

To make that work a little easier, we put together this whitepaper to guide you through the process.

In it, we address:

  • Why CMHCs should consider telepsychiatry
  • How CMHCs can start building out a more sustainable telepsychiatry program
  • What questions you should ask your telepsychiatry vendor
  • How to vet potential telepsychiatrists for experience and culture fit
  • What logistics you should keep in mind to streamline program implementation

Whether you’re revamping your existing program or building one from the ground up, the process can be intimidating. This guide will help you understand the steps involved in building a sustainable telepsychiatry program and how developing long-term partnerships with telepsychiatry providers can benefit your CMHC and your greater community.

Download The Whitepaper Today!