The Impact of Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care

The Impact of Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care

Behavioral health and physical health are intrinsically connected, and as many as 75% of primary care visits include behavioral health components. However, with the nationwide psychiatrist shortage and the high demand for behavioral health treatment, ensuring direct access to behavioral health providers isn’t always possible. 

That’s why finding ways to integrate behavioral health services with primary care services is critical to patient care. If done successfully, this integration improves quality care, engagement rates, and patient and provider satisfaction.  

In this piece, we cover:  

  • The role of behavioral health in primary care  
  • The intrinsic connection between physical and behavioral health  
  • Behavioral Health Integration from the patient’s perspective 
  • Integrated behavioral health in action  
  • How integrating behavioral health care helps improve patient care  
  • Challenges organizations face when implementing collaborative care and the solutions leveraging virtual care can provide 
  • How our approach to behavioral health services facilitates effective integration for community health clinics and health systems alike 

We hope this piece will help you gather the insights you need to determine your next steps with Behavioral Health Integration across your healthcare organization.  

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At Iris Telehealth, we deliver quality, sustainable behavioral health care so your patients can get the high-quality, holistic care they need. We work with the best behavioral health providers across the country and help you find the one who is a perfect match for your community and population.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the services we provide to healthcare organizations around the country, be sure to contact us today.  

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