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Telehealth Grant Funding 101

Telehealth Grant Funding 101

Healthcare providers and administrators face tough challenges providing behavioral health services. From a shortage of clinicians, to unique budgeting challenges and various other constraints, managing these programs can feel overwhelming. Grant funding can be one tool in your toolbox to alleviate some of these fiscal challenges. Iris Telehealth and Professional Grant Writers partnered to create this guide to help you get started.

We break it all down into these seven steps:

  1. Develop project goals for your telehealth program
  2. Identify and assess telehealth grant funding sources
  3. Create a timeline and submission plan for grant application(s)
  4. Prepare your grant application and budget
  5. Craft a compelling narrative
  6. Review and submit your application
  7. Move forward with either approval or rejection of your funding request

For tips and tricks for every stage in the process, download the guide today!

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