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How Spectrum Healthcare & Iris Partner for Arizona

How Spectrum Healthcare & Iris Partner for Arizona

Since May 2017, Iris Telehealth has provided Arizona-based Spectrum Healthcare Group with telepsychiatry services and 24/7 support to meet patient needs at their four clinic locations.


Spectrum Healthcare Group provides high-quality, whole health services to the communities of Yavapai County just north of Phoenix, AZ. Spectrum has four clinics that provide same-day services for primary care, behavioral health, pediatrics, and substance abuse treatment. Spectrum’s philosophy is to care for the patient above all else, and their mission is to provide the best care for the people who walk through their clinic doors.


Spectrum’s main behavioral health challenge was finding qualified, productive providers who would fit in well with their onsite team. Spectrum values culture among staff, so they wanted to
ensure additional providers served as an extension of their team. This clinic sees many patients ranging from those with serious mental illnesses to patients with milder cases. Typically, onsite providers prioritized the more urgent cases, but the clinic wanted to provide care for all their patients and minimize referring people to other clinics due to their shortage of providers. Additionally, Spectrum wanted to reduce the prescription of Benzodiazepines for their patients.


Having worked with telepsychiatry partners in the past, Spectrum did not have reservations about partnering with Iris Telehealth. Because of Iris’ rigorous screening process during psychiatric hiring, Spectrum knew the providers would be of top quality and could see patients rapidly while maintaining accuracy. Additionally, Iris Telehealth’s 24/7 support team ensures all systems are always functioning properly. Lastly, to tackle the Benzodiazepine prescription challenge, their Iris clinician joined Spectrum and pitched ideas to minimize the prescribing of this drug.


With the addition of their Iris clinician, Spectrum’s team now operates more smoothly. She was a good culture fit with the onsite staff, and their resulting comradery boosted Spectrum’s overall workflow. Their Iris clinician helped them operate better and prescribe more appropriate medications. More patients were seen, Iris guaranteed proper maintenance of their telehealth technology, and the clinic was able to provide some of the best psychiatric care in the area.

Spectrum Healthcare was able to add top-quality behavioral health providers to their team, guarantee functioning telepsychiatry systems, and decrease the prescription of Benzodiazepines to their patients through their partnership with Iris Telehealth.

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To learn more about Spectrum Healthcare Group, you can visit their website here. If you’d like learn more about collaborating with Iris to improve access to mental healthcare in your community, let us know in the form below!

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