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KLAS Research First Look: Iris Telehealth Telepsychiatry Services 2023

KLAS Research First Look: Iris Telehealth Telepsychiatry Services 2023

KLAS Research recently released their 2023 First Look report on Iris Telehealth’s telepsychiatry services for hospitals and health systems.

This report examines the experience of clients who utilize Iris Telehealth on a large scale across their organization and breaks down some of the key outcomes we’re driving for our partners and how our partnership works.

Here are just a few insights from the report in our partners’ own words:

  • “The firm isn’t made up of corporate monsters. They live and breathe their work. . . . We constantly have follow-ups, and I have point people to call if we need to make things better. The firm is really attentive to their clients’ needs and is engaged because they understand. They are healthcare professionals. They are doctors trying to solve a problem in behavioral health across the country.” —VP, June 2023
  • “One of Iris Telehealth’s strengths is communication, whether that be followup communication, check-ins, or reviews to touch base about provider performance. Also, the firm is very easily accessible, responsive, and willing to work through any challenges that arise. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Iris Telehealth, and we will continue to use the firm.” —Director, June 2023
  • “The firm allows us to keep our inpatient beds in full operation across our company because the firm covers our providers’ vacations and absent days. Since the service is virtual, the firm can cover more than one site at a time. There is great flexibility. The clinical team identifies the firm as a part of their team. Even though the firm’s people work virtually, the people still make really good connections.” —VP, June 2023
  • “The firm has done a nice job of listening to what we need and coming up with solutions. They have been very adaptive. On the innovation front, though, the firm has been a very strong partner. I would definitely do more business with them. They have filled our need for the on-demand service.” —VP, June 2023
  • “One of our main goals was to establish access to care and increase our level of access because we had more patients than we had capacity. Iris Telehealth has certainly helped us achieve that goal by adding capacity within our facility, which in turn has allowed us to see patients more quickly. That helps us . . . continue to have a more comprehensive care team approach.” —Executive, June 2023

You can access more insights and outcomes by viewing the full First Look report here.

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