How Health Systems Can Increase Throughput in the ED With Telepsychiatry

How Health Systems Can Increase Throughput in the ED With Telepsychiatry

Getting timely support is critical for patients seeking care in emergency departments (EDs). However, patients are often faced with barriers like long wait times and lack of specialty care. While healthcare organizations do their best to meet demand, they’re overwhelmed by a lack of resources, increased need for specialty care, patient return rates, and high costs. With these barriers at play, a solution is needed.

Thankfully, telepsychiatry can help. Telepsychiatry makes it possible for more people to get the care they need in a hospital setting without the long wait. By utilizing telepsychiatry, organizations can help more people in the community, increase throughput in the ED, and release pressure on their providers and care teams.

In this whitepaper, we cover the following topics:

  • Common challenges in the ED
  • Patient, provider, and organizational benefits of telepsychiatry in the ED
  • Overcoming initial set-up challenges
  • How telepsychiatry transforms the ED

We hope this piece will help you determine a new way to tackle the challenges your organization might be facing in the ED.

You can download the whitepaper here!

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