Why clinicians love Iris

Delivering the balance and support you need to enjoy your life and love your work.

96% clinician retention

98% clinician satisfaction

100% behavioral health

We value clinician happiness

That’s why we ensure all providers can work with a population they love, embrace the flexibility of remote work, and have the proactive support they need to make a positive impact on communities across the U.S.

“I love everything about being a telepsychiatry provider. I feel like I got my personal and family life back. My family and I love that I’m not commuting. Without all the transitions, I can end work one moment and be out the door to pick up my kids the next. Transitions can be quicker, and for a working mom, that’s priceless.”

Dr. Isabel Norian headshot
Dr. Isabel Norian Psychiatrist at Iris Telehealth

“The Iris team has managed to grow a company that values genuine kindness, connection, and being nice to each other — even when things are overwhelming. We’re all overwhelmed at times, but I’ve always been treated in the most kind and respectful way. Every time I reach out, somebody answers and is paying attention. They’re making sure we’re okay.”

Dr. Marialba Romero headshot
Dr. Marialba Romero Medina Psychiatrist at Iris Telehealth

“I barely had to lift a finger to get started with all of the paperwork and the technical setup. The only time I’ve had an issue, it was fixed right then.”

Dr. Tyler headshot
Dr. Michael Tyler Psychiatrist at Iris Telehealth

Ready to love your work?

Don’t settle for anything less than your dream job.

With everything you give, you deserve the best. Telepsychiatry provides a low-stress environment that helps prioritize a healthy work/life balance. With Iris, there’s no more long commutes, extensive paperwork, or difficult schedules. Join a team that not only puts you first, but applauds and celebrates the work you do.

Why work for us?

Work-life balance

Goodbye, traffic jams and long commutes! Achieve optimal work-life balance and have the energy to enjoy the life you deserve.

Psychiatrist owned and operated

We are known for our intimate understanding of clinical practice and optimal workflows for patient care. We always ensure a safe and comfortable practice environment for providers, advocating for you whenever needed.

Less paperwork

We understand that you prefer providing patient care over all the paperwork that comes along with it. We deal with the red tape and regulations, so you don’t have to.

Great benefits

From health benefits to life insurance and 401k, we make sure you and your family are taken care of.

Paid time off

Our company believes that work-life balance is essential. That’s why we offer five weeks of paid time off, including holidays.

Additional perks

Whether it’s equipment, 24/7 tech support, office expense reimbursement, CME credit and malpractice insurance, we believe in providing our clinicians with all the support and resources they need to thrive.