Telepsychiatry on LinkedIn

Telepsychiatry on LinkedIn

Seven LinkedIn Organizations Everyone Interested in Telepsychiatry Should Follow

To be the best in telepsychiatry, you’ve got to stay on top of all things mental health and telemedicine. One way we try to stay updated and connected is by finding telepsychiatry on LinkedIn. While all social media are important, we continue to see the benefits of networking and growing through LinkedIn. Here are seven pages you should follow on LinkedIn if you want to stay as up-to-date as we are.

Mental Health America is a great resource for mental health news and tips on how to be a good advocate. Not only does this organization promote events like Mental Health Awareness Month (May) through positive posts, a media toolkit, and informative articles — it also shares information about legislation relating to mental health nationwide. If you want to know about the mental health bill the House of Representatives recently passed or Men’s Health Month, this is the place to do it.

Stay updated on forums, trade shows and all other telemedicine-related events by following this organization on LinkedIn. The best part about their page? Their CEO updates you through a “This Month in Telemedicine” video.

The American Psychiatric Association provides more than just advocacy and news updates for mental health – it can also be a job hub for people in the field. Opportunities for psychiatrists are posted, and job seekers can easily apply through the website. Companies can also access the Resume Bank to find the right fit for their team. There are frequent posts on the LinkedIn page about opportunities and it’s an efficient way to connect with people in the field!

This United States government agency is your resource for networking. With more than 7,000 followers, this page has grown a large following that allows its consumers to connect. Find out about informational webinars, important research about mental health, and job opportunities through this page’s wealth of high quality posts. While they might not post about telepsychiatry on LinkedIn, they do bring important updates to your timeline.

An affiliate of WebMD, Medscape provides all news related to medicine – and that doesn’t exclude mental health. From the difficulty of quitting smoking to novel therapies for OCD and ADD, this organization is on top of everything you need to know in the world of medicine.

Mind posts frequent, relevant content that is relatable to anyone that works within the scope of mental health. This United Kingdom-based nonprofit posts stories, strategies, and news about mental health. It’s a good resource for people trying to shed light on mental health awareness and a beneficial networking site for telepsychiatry professionals.

From our founding story to the latest medical news, we stay on top of everything you want to know. We’re laser-focused on telepsychiatry on LinkedIn and bring you the most important up-to-date information. By following us, you’re contributing to our efforts to raise awareness and provide mental healthcare to underserved communities across the nation.

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