How Telemedicine Affects the Patient-Provider Relationship

How does telemedicine affect the patient provider relationship? Here’s the truth: It doesn’t. At least, not in a way that’s different than in-person care.

Patients who utilize telepsychiatry in place of face-to-face services report that they’re just as pleased with the care. In fact, our psychiatrists tell us it’s equally comfortable to establish a relationship with their patients via telemedicine as it would be in person.


One of the biggest misconceptions about telemedicine is that it’s unnatural and difficult to connect with people. Oftentimes, people have this idea in their head because they don’t fully understand how telepsychiatry works.

The process of getting help changes very little in the case of a patient who is being treated via telemedicine. The patient calls his or her provider and schedules an appointment. He or she shows up on the day of the appointment and is led to a room to meet with their psychiatrist. At this point, they will converse with a psychiatrist via laptop or computer technology on software comparable to Skype. This is the only point in which a telepsychiatry visit differs from a face-to-face psychiatry visit.

There might not be a physical handshake, but there is a real conversation with a real person. And with Iris Telehealth, we can guarantee that our psychiatrists are the cream of the crop.


In some rural communities, there is no access to mental healthcare. And if there is, the waiting period can be months. Telepsychiatry bridges that gap, bringing more access to mental healthcare in communities that didn’t have it.

The content of a telepsychiatry appointment remains the same as if it were in person. Iris Telehealth doctors discuss the issue in detail with their patient and work together to establish a plan to provide quality and effective care.

In a world that is increasingly moving online in all aspects, telemedicine is also becoming more popular. And maybe it’s time for us to realize that’s not such a bad thing.


Vanessa Daves is the Marketing Coordinator for Iris Telehealth.