Why Telemed Should Make It Mainstream

When you break it down, it’s pretty easy to see why telemed should make it mainstream. It’s bringing healthcare to thousands of Americans nationwide who otherwise would have none.

To put it simply, telemed is important. Consider this scenario:

Jane Doe lives in a small town with her family. She loves her job and exercises regularly, but one day, she notices something different in her behavior. She’s becoming agitated and not sleeping as well. She stopped enjoying things she used to love. Getting out of bed becomes harder, and focusing on her work is a struggle.

So she calls the local health clinic to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist, but there isn’t one. No counselor, no mental health specialist, no help. The closest place for her to get an appointment is two hours away in a larger town. So she books an appointment for three weeks from that day. He has to take off work and drive four hours round trip – just to get basic healthcare and find out how she can overcome her mental health issues.


For some, these obstacles may be enough to ignore mental health problems, letting them build up into something more. For others, the obstacles are annoyances and frustrations in the path to finding the quality mental health care that all people deserve.

But with telemed, those obstacles aren’t even there.

Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare via video conferencing technology. Instead of meeting face-to-face with a provider, they simply meet via video conference. Some patients have concerns about establishing a strong relationship with their psychiatrist, but the relationship is very rarely negatively affected through telehealth.


Partnering with an organization that can provide telehealth services to a health clinic can help fill a need in rural areas everywhere. Rather than wait for weeks or months for an appointment, Jane can call her healthcare clinic and set up an appointment via telemedicine. Her mental health issue can be solved quickly and easily instead of having to jump through hoops to get basic care. Telemedicine needs to make it mainstream so that an individual’s geographical location doesn’t determine the quality of healthcare that they receive.


Vanessa Daves is the Marketing Coordinator for Iris Telehealth.